Learn more about what Hawaii is doing to increase opportunities for youth and young adults with disabilities as they transition to employment or post-secondary education!

COVID-19 Response:

Resources for School Counseling Programs

Summary: This list shares resources related to counseling and mental health services to assist students during school closures. This document provides a link to both public and private telecounseling and telehealth resources, and it gives a brief description of the services provided by each resource.

Operated by: Hawaii Department of Education

Topic: Mental Health, Telehealth

Special Populations Helpful Links

Summary: Hawaii created a document that provides a list of resources to assist special population students during school closures. This document includes special education tips, family resources, IEP meeting information, mental health information and services and college and career planning.

Operated by: Hawaii Department of Education

Topic: Distance Learning, IEP, Mental Health, Transition

Equity and Access: Supports for Vulnerable Students

Summary: This web page informs parents, students, and educators of necessary procedures for IEP meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic. It requires that Hawaii public schools offer least restrictive environment learning options, including in-person learning, online learning, before-school assistance to help students receive previously lost educational experiences, or educational mobile learning hubs. These learning hubs provide a similar services to in-person learning, but they do so at the student’s home, providing a safer educational environment for some students with disabilities. Finally, this web page discusses the distribution of devices to students with disabilities or other equity-related concerns, including assistive technology.

Operated by: Hawaii State Department of Education

Topic: IEP, Distance Learning, Assistive Technology

Hawai’i Keiki Program

Summary: The Hawaii State Department of Education has partnered with the Hawaii Keiki Program to offer a health hotline and telehealth appointments. All HIDOE students can access a free resource for any health-related questions and telehealth services during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring students with disabilities receive necessary telehealth services

Operated by: Hawaii State Department of Education, Hawai’i Keiki Healthy and Ready to Learn Program

Topic: Telehealth

​SPED: Reopening Schools – Students with Disabilities Return to Learn

Summary: This google folder includes all resources for Hawai’i educators and educational officials on providing education to students with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Resource documents include requirements for providing continued distance learning for students with disabilities, holding IEP meetings during and adjusting IEPs to the COVID-19 pandemic, and preparing the least restrictive environment for students with disabilities returning to school

Operated by: Hawaii State Department of Education

Topic: Distance Learning, IEP