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COVID-19 Response:

Learning Guidance for Students with Disabilities For Summer Learning and Beyond

Summary: The Nebraska Department of Education, as a part of its “Launch Nebraska” reopening plan, released guidance on the process by which students under an IEP may receive an extended school year or compensatory education services. Specifically, the document defines extended or compensatory education services, discusses how IEP teams will decide whether students on an IEP require extended or compensatory education services, and outlines school requirements for providing said services for qualifying students on an IEP. It also notes that school districts must provide compensatory education services in addition to, not in place of, previously offered IEP services.

Operated by: Nebraska Department of Education

Topic: IEP

Q and A for Providing Special Education and Early Intervention During Coronavirus School Closure

Summary: This is a document with guidance for parents and providers along with Q&A on special education during COVID-19. It includes links to webinars discussing best practices for virtual instruction of students with disabilities, a comprehensive list of all disability policy changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and resources for both schools and students to help adjust the virtual learning environment to a student’s disability needs.

Operated by: Nebraska Department of Education

Topic: Distance Learning, IEP

Questions and Answers on Providing Services to Children with Disabilities During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Outbreak

Summary: The Nebraska Department of Education utilizes this Q&A document to address school district specific concerns related to assisting students on an IEP during the COVID-19 outbreak. This document informs Nebraska school districts of existing Nebraska student-disability policy. The policy also requires students with disabilities to remain at home due to COVID-19 and emphasizes that schools must accommodate for IEP students via distance learning.

Operated by: Nebraska Department of Education

Topic: IEP

Transition Works

Summary: This monthly newsletter, produced by Nebraska’s Vocational Rehabilitation Office, provides information and resources to assist transition age individuals with disabilities, their families, and educators. Recent issues provide information on both in-person and online resources for transition age youth, including employment opportunities, online disability transition services, and advice from others living with a disability who have already transitioned into the workforce. Recent newsletter issues’ COVID-19-specific resources have included online transition resource materials and apps that assist disabled youth seeking to enter the workforce.

Operated by: Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation

Topic: Family Engagement, Transition