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COVID-19 Response:

Nevada’s Path Forward: A Framework for a Safe, Efficient, and Equitable Return to School Buildings

Summary: The Nevada Department of Education’s reopening plan provides guidance for expanding IEP coverage in the wake of COVID-19. The plan requires IEP teams to revise IEPs with any additional COVID-19-related considerations, such as distance learning requirements and the provision of compensatory education services. This plan also includes mental health provisions related to COVID-19, giving teachers resources to provide targeted trauma intervention to affected students.

Operated by: Nevada Department of Education

Topic: Distance Learning, IEP, Mental Health

COVID-19 and Students with Disabilities

Summary: This document largely highlights additional IEP-related legal requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic. It lists legal requirements for the timeline under which IEP meetings must occur, as well as legal requirements for adjusting IEP services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This document then provides best practices for providing said services after the completion of the IEP. 

Operated by: Nevada Department of Education

Topic: IEP