Learn more about what Vermont is doing to increase opportunities for youth and young adults with disabilities as they transition to employment or post-secondary education!

COVID-19 Response:

Implementing Transition Services During Remote Learning

Summary: This webinar series provides recommendations for the local-level provision of transition services during the COVID-19 outbreak, with the goal of ensuring continued quality implementation of special education. 

Operated by: Vermont Department of Education

Topic: Transition

Special Education Guidance

Summary: The State of Vermont Agency of Education developed a web page that provides guidance for students, families and educators as it relates to the provision of special education services during the COVID-19 pandemic. The page offers resources for reopening schools, hybrid and distance learning, as well as the continuation of IEP and transition services.

Operated by: State of Vermont Agency of Education

Topic: Distance Learning, IEP, Transition

Supporting Learning While Social Distancing: Companion Document for Families of Children with Disabilities

Summary: This document will help families know what to expect from their child’s teachers during distance learning. It includes state-level requirements for virtual instruction of students with disabilities, the provision of necessary materials for students with disabilities,and assignment adjustments to best accommodate students with disabilities.

Operated by: Vermont Department of Education

Topic: Family Engagement

FAQ: Clarification of Assessing COVID-19 Impact Guidance

Summary: The Agency of Education (AOE) offers the following guidance to clarify differences in supports for students with disabilities (SWDs) due to extended periods of remote learning resulting from Vermont’s response to COVID-19. Topics covered in this document include: What are the Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) obligations of school systems in
response to COVID-19?, Assessing the impact of COVID-19 as a part of providing FAPE, Time frames for the assessment of COVID-19 impact on students’ needs, and Documentation recommendations for changes in IEPs resulting from a COVID-19 needs assessment.

Operated by: Vermont Department of Education

Topic: IEP, Distance Learning

Strong and Healthy Start FAQ: Supporting Students with Disabilities in the VTVLC Collaborative School Option

Summary: This FAQ provides guidance related to special education students participating in the Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative’s (VTVLC) Collaborative School Option (CSO). VTVLC is a Vermont Education Organization that provides curriculum, a learning management system, professional learning and technical supports to Supervisory Unions/Districts (SU/SDs) and
schools offering remote learning options to students.

Operated by: Vermont Department of Education

Topic: Distance Learning

Information for Parents and Caregivers

Summary: This web page includes best practices and resources for families caring for their child’s mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. It notes various activities that can improve youth mental health, as well as links to emergency mental health services for youth. 

Operated by: Vermont Department of Mental Health

Topic: Mental Health