Get Involved

Youth, families, policymakers, and practitioners all play a critical part in ensuring that youth with disabilities transition successfully to adulthood and the workforce. Each stakeholder has a unique role to play, and many resources are available to help each stakeholder understand and effectively serve in his or her role. One way that all stakeholders can get involved is through legislative engagement. This involves communicating with policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels, to ensure that they understand the needs of youth with disabilities, and that they develop policies to effectively address those needs. 

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Youth play a large role in their own success. Students can work to develop awareness of their strengths and needs, understand their rights and opportunities, and advocate for their interests. Youth Resources can help youth develop self-advocacy skills, engage in the policy making process, and make informed decisions about their futures.


Families play a crucial role by providing support, offering guidance, and advocating for their child or loved one. Family Resources can help parents, guardians, caregivers, and extended family understand the role they can play, navigate the transition process, and connect with services and benefits.


Practitioners – or those who interact with, employ, and provide services to youth with disabilities – can assist by incorporating best practices into their engagement with youth and other practitionersPractitioner Resources will help practitioners collaborate effectively with other relevant stakeholders, build more inclusive environments, and support youth in their career paths.