Technical Assistance

CAPE-Youth is committed to providing policymakers, states, and workforce development boards no-cost targeted technical assistance (TA) to increase systems capacity to support youth and young adults with disabilities (Y&YADs) in their transitions to employment and adulthood.

TA requests come in many forms, such as consultation or focused support, and range from short-term to long-term. A short-term request includes specific research and analysis on an issue or a learning event such as a webinar. A long-term request may assist an agency in coordinating efforts to build system capacity to support Y&YADs.

Examples of Previous TA Requests:


    • Existing legislation related to supporting Y&YADs in their transitions
    • Examples of policies that correspond to the Guideposts for Success
    • The effects of COVID-19 on transition services for Y&YADs

School-Based Prep

    • State graduation requirements and diploma options for students with disabilities

Career Prep & Work-Based Learning

    • Implementing equal employment opportunity mandates in apprenticeship

Connecting Activities

    • The costs and benefits of home modification for community living
    • Expanding independent housing and wraparound services

Systems Coordination

    • Facilitating interagency collaboration among vocational rehabilitation and other agencies
    • Funding interagency transition teams
    • Sharing outcomes and longitudinal data on students with disabilities
    • Building coalitions to expand work-based learning programs
    • Collaborating between historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and Native American tribal entities and the broader workforce system

Professional Development for Service Providers

    • Integrating trauma-informed care into agency operations

Any state policymaker in the legislative, executive or judicial branch can receive TA. To submit a request please email