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COVID-19 Response:

Frequently Asked Questions Related to COVID-19

Summary: Kentucky created a Q&A document pertaining to services for children with disabilities during COVID-19. It includes strict guidelines to provide families with legal information and paperwork pertaining to students with disabilities and the legal process by which IEPs can be adjusted to accommodate necessary COVID-19-related adjustments.

Operated by: Kentucky Department of Education

Topic: Distance Learning

Letter Regarding IEP Services to Children with Disabilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Summary: Kentucky created an informational letter that was sent to parents and families of students with IEPs. This letter reassures parents that schools must continue to provide specialized services for students with disabilities as dictated by an IEP. It also lists resources for parents with additional questions about receiving IEP assistance during online instruction.

Operated by: Kentucky Department of Education

Topic: IEP

Telehealth from Community Agencies Working in Kentucky Public Schools During COVID

Summary: Kentucky created a document containing resources for telehealth providers. These resources include legal requirements for providing telehealth services to students with disabilities and potential telehealth services and platforms.

Operated by: Kentucky Department of Education

Topic: Telehealth