Learn more about what Oklahoma is doing to increase opportunities for youth and young adults with disabilities as they transition to employment or post-secondary education!

COVID-19 Response:

Coronavirus/ COVID19 FAQs for Oklahoma Public Schools

Summary: This document created by the Department of Education is comprehensive for all school services. The guide has a section for students with disabilities, which includes resources on distance learning. It also contains a “checklist” for IEP teams participating in a virtual IEP meeting.

Operated by: Oklahoma Department of Education

Topic: Distance Learning, IEP

Engaging Families in Reopening Our Schools

Summary: This document outlines the four step process by which Oklahoma schools are instructed to engage with families during the COVID-19 pandemic. It emphasizes clear communication of reopening plans, responding to parental concerns, engaging both the immediate and extended family and utilizing multiple communication methods to ensure that schools are as accessible as possible to families.

Operated by: Oklahoma State Department of Education

Topic: Family Engagement

Planning for Virtual or Distance Learning Services and Developing a Contingency Plan in OK ED Plan

Summary: This document provides guidance for updating and supplementing IEPs due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides sample COVID-19-related IEP adjustments, provides step-by-step instructions for using Oklahoma’s IEP adjustment system, discusses contingencies regarding whether students on IEPs should participate in distance or in-person learning, and describes the process by which IEP teams can request assistive technology for students.

Operated by: Oklahoma State Department of Education

Topic: Assistive Technology, Distance Learning, IEP

Return to Learn Oklahoma: A Framework for Reopening Schools

Summary: Oklahoma’s plan to return to in-person learning emphasizes the need to address mental health concerns quickly to prevent the long-term exacerbation of cognitive disabilities. It provides resources for schools determining whether a student is “at risk” for mental trauma, notes that schools must provide counseling services both in-person and online, and mandates the creation of “crisis response teams” for student mental health crises. It also requires schools to consistently communicate with families over multiple mediums (newsletters, social media, and so on) to increase family engagement.

Operated by: Oklahoma State Department of Education

Topic: Family Engagement, Mental Health

Return to Learn: Social Emotional Learning Resources

Summary: This web page provides mental health resources for educators and parents helping students cope with COVID-19-related mental health concerns. Multiple resources are directed toward assisting educators adjust to mental health concerns in the classroom and parents seeking to speak to their child about mental health.

Operated by: Oklahoma State Department of Education

Topic: Mental Health

Special Education and Related Services During the 2020-21 School Year

Summary: This document provides a comprehensive review of Oklahoma special education policy updates in response to COVID-19. The document states that IEP teams must consider whether an immediate IEP plan review is necessary to adjust for COVID-19-related complications, such as additional distance learning requirements or compensatory educational services. It emphasizes connecting with the families of students on an IEP over multiple mediums. It further outlines necessary changes to transition services for students with disabilities, requiring the implementation of online transition services. 

Operated by: Oklahoma State Department of Education

Topic: Family Engagement, IEP, Transition

Tools to Teach: Helpful Tips for Parents

Summary: This info doc discusses various strategies for parents seeking to help with the distance learning process. These strategies include scheduling tips and teaching assistance. The document also provides resources for parents struggling with distance learning.

Operated by: Oklahoma State Department of Education

Topic: Distance Learning, Family Engagement