South Carolina

Learn more about what South Carolina is doing to increase opportunities for youth and young adults with disabilities as they transition to employment or post-secondary education!

COVID-19 Response:

Accelerate ED Task Force Guidance and Recommendations for 2020-21 School Year

Summary: This document, which gives overall guidelines for South Carolina public schools returning to in-person instruction, outlines the process for updating IEPs for the 2020-21 school year. It asks guiding questions for whether schools should make additional accommodations for IEP students, and it specifies the importance of continued virtual, hybrid and in-person options, based on the student’s needs.

Operated by: South Carolina Department of Education

Topic: Distance Learning, IEP

COVID-19 Resources

Summary: This website provides general resources for coping with mental and behavioral health difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic. Notably, it contains a video that discusses guidelines for schools and parents attempting to benefit their child’s mental health as they return to school during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Operated by: South Carolina Department of Mental Health

Topic: Mental Health

Online Professional Development

Summary: The South Carolina Department of Education has created a series of online professional development courses for transition-age students. This web page includes links to pages with the necessary online professional development programs, as well as links to pages assisting educators with providing transition services to applicable students.

Operated by: South Carolina Department of Education

Topic: Transition