Let’s Work! California: Our Stories, Our Voices

The Center for Advancing Policy on Employment for Youth (CAPE-Youth)—which is managed by CSG under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy—seeks to improve employment outcomes for youth and young adults with disabilities by helping states build capacity in their youth service delivery and workforce systems. As part of this, we also showcase the promise of young leaders whose efforts are already helping build a more inclusive future workforce.

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New Educational Framework Identifies Key Areas for State Policymaker Attention

By Elise Gurney

Governments and school districts across the country are determining how to effectively adapt to COVID-19 and mitigate its effects on student learning and well-being. In particular, they are determining how to design and implement distance learning that meets the needs of all students, including traditionally underserved students who are facing even greater obstacles to learning amid COVID-19. This includes working to provide students with the resources they need to engage in remote learning; supporting teachers in their remote instruction; and addressing the additional social and emotional challenges students may face as a result of the pandemic. While these efforts require engagement and coordination across a range of stakeholders, there are particular areas that benefit most from coordinated state government action, as opposed to piecemeal local initiatives.

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